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UBUCOM is an industry specialized in the manufacture of building materials. Our products are of very good quality at an affordable price.

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Specializing in the manufacture of sheet metal and its accessories (various thicknesses and colors) as well as nails of all dimensions;
Specializing in the manufacture of high-quality glazed aluminum doors, windows and partitions in strict accordance with customer specifications.
We pay particular attention to the quality of the products produced in our workshops.The parts are checked and checked at each stage of their manufacture by suitable control means.

Why choose us?

Simply because we are the best, we offer you products of better quality for affordable prices

UBUCOM has always been dedicated to quality and service in the custom metal fabrication industry since its inception in 2010.
Free Consultation
UBUCOM appreciates the opportunity to help you with your questions about our operations, our products, our services or any other aspect of our business.
Superior Quality
The manufacture of Quality products remains at the heart of UBUCOM strategy. We are fully committed to supply products to customers specifications using environmentally friendly raw materials & processes.
Ubucom has a team of qualified professionals
We understand the importance of innovation and professionalism and work with the best people to achieve this.
Large production capacity
Thanks to our sense of organization and our high-performance production facilities, we have a large production capacity
Competitive Rates
Our products are of very good quality at an affordable price.
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